Our Story.

Birthed out of over a year fixating on John 15, Abiding Love Co. began as many dreams do—in devotional time with the Lord.

Newly married + graduated, I faced a dilemma most millennials come to in this busy-driven world we live in—what's next?

Through a newly-found talent for graphic design + drawing, the Lord unlocked a creative outlet for me to use during moments of devotion. I had no clue how or why I had this desire, but it only grew.

For two years I waited, holding onto a familiar feeling that God would use this but unsure when doors would open or what purpose it would be for. Little by little, the Lord left breadcrumb-like moments that, in steps of faith, have led me here... a small business.

It all started with a heart desiring the One who matters most.

Much like John 15, this dream has been but a branch. Longing to do something meaningful—something specifically for Jesus—I've held on tightly to the Vine. As the dream was pruned and matured, fruit grew.

This is what is displayed here: the fruit of consistent (not perfect) abiding.

Abide in Me, and I in you. These words of Jesus are a profound statement that I think of often. Abiding in the True Vine takes time. It's a lifestyle; it's a relationship. It's a giving of oneself—one's own will, dreams, + desires—to be made one with the Vine. In return, the Vine gives nutrients back to us—His character, Spirit, will, dreams, + desires.

We bear the fruit of abiding in His love (John 15:9) in the intentional products we offer at Abiding Love Co. Every design, study resource, + pressed sweatshirt.

Our prayer is that these items remind you of the need for an abiding life. May they encourage you (+ anyone who sees them) to commit to a life dwelling in the Vine with Jesus. This is the only place where the water never runs dry, the Light always shines, joy is found, shalom is known, + life is given abundantly.

I'm so happy you're here and am grateful for your support as I pursue this special God-dream!