7 Ways to Intentionally Put God First This Week

7 Ways to Intentionally Put God First This Week

It’s always easier to push something you don’t want to do at the moment until tomorrow. Ah, yes, tomorrow—that' mystical day in the future that hardly comes to pass. With enough times saying tomorrow, I find the list grows + grows, never with the oh-so-needed checks of completion.

That’s the pattern we can fall into with our spiritual disciplines, too. I can’t count how many times I’ve pushed my Bible reading + prayer time to tomorrow. But it comes with a cost—each time I do so, the harder it is the next time to say yes to today.

But, no fear, friends! Here are seven tips to intentionally put Jesus first today, not tomorrow, or whenever is more “convenient”. Starting small creates habits +, eventually, a lifestyle. Do your best to practice at least one of these steps daily for a week + see what God will do with it!


1. Make a Choice!

Before tapping Instagram, get your Bible app + take 5 minutes to read + pray for the Word you read to be planted in your heart. Give God your first fruits of the day!

2. Be Mindful!

When you’re about to complain about something, instead choose to thank God for one thing. You can also be mindful in meditating on a Scripture for each day.

3. Be Intentional!

Pick someone to text today. Ask them how they’re doing + if there’s anything they need prayer for. (You can also text a prayer and send it to them!)

4. Pick Your Priorities!

What you choose to spend time on matters. Maybe you don’t have time for an hour Bible study, but what if you take 30 minutes you’d be watching TV to spend time in the Word?

5. Talk it Out!

Whether it’s while you’re cleaning, working out, or driving, spend some of that time talking to God. Maybe we look crazy to the drivers next to us, but we love talking with God aloud when we’re alone in the car.

6. Start Small!

God isn’t impressed with sporadic devotion to check a box. He wants your heart + devotion every day! If you have 5 minutes, give it to Him with all your heart daily. Small goals + steps in obedience will grow!

7. Pray for Opportunity!

Ask God to present you with opportunities to share the good news with someone. Be on the lookout for people you can share love, kindness, + even Jesus with!


Let us know which ones you try in the comments below! Praying for you, friend!

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